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Many factors could undermine reliability of alcohol breath tests

Police officers in Massachusetts have relied on alcohol breath tests to detect alcohol consumption among drivers for years. The results of the test can justify arresting people, and the readings often provide what the courts consider factual evidence of operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. The breath test devices, however, have not produced much confidence when investigators scrutinize their accuracy. Hardware failures, out-of-date software and user errors all have the potential to skew results and create unfair convictions.

What are the steps to reinstate your driver's license?

There are several ways you may lose your Massachusetts driver's license, including getting a conviction for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Once your suspension has expired, there are a few tasks you may need to complete in order to reinstate your license. The specifics of your case may determine the exact requirements you need to meet to get your license back.

Underage DUIs can hurt your wallet

Most teenagers in Massachusetts do not have their own car insurance. Instead, they get the lowest possible rates from bundling with their parents. In these instances, mom and dad are usually the ones who pay the bill as well. Because of this, when teenagers get DUIs, it is parents who first get stuck with the higher payments, but it may continue to affect that person’s ability to get car insurance for years to come.

Does Uber really prevent drunk driving?

Uber often claims that its services help to reduce the number of drunk drivers on the road. If you have spent a late night out on the town in Massachusetts and had a few drinks, you probably have taken Uber home instead of driving. However, a new study shows that while this helped to prevent you from drunk driving, Uber has no overall effect on drunk driving fatalities.

Governor pressing for more traffic safety measures

Governor Baker began his second term with a wide-ranging traffic safety proposal. According to the news media, the governor cited such facts as 1,820 people died and 15,662 seriously injured on the Commonwealth’s roads between 2012 and 2016. He also stated that traffic safety here in Massachusetts would be top priority. This is good news for all drivers, but those who have inconsistent driving habits will likely find the governor’s solutions for the issue a difficult pill to swallow.

Driving hung-over can lead to OUI

The American Automobile Association (AAA) recently issued a timely reminder to drivers who drink. Most understand the dangers of getting behind the wheel after a night of drinking, but many will be surprised to note that alcohol may still be in their bloodstream the next day. This means that Massachusetts drivers can be at a higher risk for an accident or even get an OUI after they have supposedly slept it off.

Federal judges allows DUI case to continue without evidence

Utah is already famous for its stringent laws regarding alcohol consumption, and soon will have the toughest DUI laws in the country. So some locals were not surprised when a woman was charged with DUI despite the fact that she had a blood alcohol level of .01 from one beer she had at lunch.

Do not use these excuses when pulled over

There are few if any excuses that will convince law enforcement that there is a good reason for driving under the influence. Instead, the best approach is to be polite but firm in not offering up any incriminating information before speaking with experienced criminal defense attorney.

What is legal with a OUI checkpoint in Massachusetts?

Law enforcement seems to set up DUI and OUI checkpoints here in Worcester every two to three weeks to catch drivers over the legal limit for drugs or alcohol. However, with the recent dismissal of a case in Tennessee because there was no public notice of the roadblock, it is a good idea to examine the laws here in Massachusetts.

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