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Aggressive OUI Defense Attorney

Drunk driving, known in Massachusetts as OUI (operating under the influence), is a particular focus of law enforcement and the criminal justice system. If you are convicted of OUI, you will lose your driver’s license. If you have multiple convictions, the penalties increase significantly. The cumulative effect of OUI convictions makes it critical to fight every drunk driving charge.

Charged With OUI? Call A Lawyer Who Really Knows The System.

Our Worcester attorney, Anthony M. Salerno, brings a unique background to defending clients against drunk driving charges. A former Massachusetts state trooper, he served in the highway patrol and was involved in countless OUI cases. This real experience, combined with his 25 years as a criminal defense lawyer, makes him the best suited lawyer to defend clients against any drunk driving charge. In addition to his hands-on experience as a state trooper, he was in the detective bureau, investigating all types of cases. His investigative skills are invaluable to clients fighting OUI charges.

The Drunk Driving Cases We Handle

Our law firm has successfully handled OUI cases involving:

Our attorney is especially knowledgeable about the law enforcement tests used to determine whether an individual is over the threshold that defines drunk driving in the Commonwealth. A driver will be determined to be under the influence if a test shows his or her blood alcohol content is .08 percent or higher. In addition, he is particularly adept at helping clients whose driver’s licenses were confiscated obtain hardship licenses (also known as Cinderella licenses).

Defenses Against OUI Charges

Don’t think that you can’t fight an OUI charge. Police make mistakes. The testing apparatus may not be adjusted properly. Your rights protecting you against unwarranted searches and seizures may have been violated. You may not have been properly advised about your rights with a Miranda warning. There are many ways to fight a drunk driving charge, and our attorney has successfully used them all.

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