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Challenging And Defending Restraining Orders

A restraining order can have a significant impact on your life. If your spouse or other household member obtains a restraining order, it could keep you from being able to return home. It can keep you from seeing your children or loved ones. Additionally, you will be unable to own or possess a firearm if a restraining order is filed against you.

Don’t put your rights in jeopardy. Work with an attorney who can help you fight the restraining order and protect your interests throughout the process.

At the law office of Anthony M. Salerno, P.C., in Worcester, we provide you with the advice and advocacy you need throughout your case. With 10 years of experience as a former state trooper and 25 years of experience as a defense attorney, Anthony Salerno knows how to get to the facts in your case and effectively challenge a restraining order.

Types Of Restraining Orders

There are two types of restraining orders in Massachusetts:

  • 209A orders: This type of restraining order involves domestic violence and abuse against a member of the family or household such as a spouse, child or significant other.
  • 258E orders: This restraining order is designed to protect victims of harassment, stalking and emotional distress.

These types of restraining orders can be easy for the alleged victim to obtain. After a restraining order is initially filed, there will be a hearing to determine whether the restraining order should be extended. It is important that you seek legal representation as soon as possible after a restraining order has been filed against you, so your lawyer can protect your rights at that hearing and in any subsequent actions.

Attorney Anthony Salerno understands the effect a restraining order can have on your future. He will work to have the restraining order removed or the terms limited so your rights and freedoms can be protected.

Violation Of Court Orders In The East Brookfield Area

A restraining order itself is not a criminal charge. However, a violation of that court order does carry criminal penalties.

We have experience defending clients who have been charged with violating a restraining order. We can help you work to have the charges dismissed. If that is not possible, we will leverage every available resource to minimize the penalties you face.

Call A Lawyer About Your Restraining Order

Contact the law office of Anthony M. Salerno, P.C., toll free at 508-795-1200 to speak with a lawyer about restraining orders and domestic violence charges.