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What do you know about the full cost of a DUI?

Massachusetts recently pulled you over for suspicion of drunk driving. You received an OUI, and now you must navigate the financial and psychological aspects of the charge.

American Addiction Centers explores the full monetary impact of a drunk driving charge. Use their insights to build an OUI budget.

Alcohol monitor ankle bracelet

If you received an OUI before your most recent one, you may have to wear an alcohol monitor ankle bracelet. You must pay a monthly fee for the remote alcohol monitor, which could cost several hundreds of dollars.

Ignition interlock device

Rather than wear a bracelet, the court could order you to use an ignition interlock device. While this may not cost as much as a remote alcohol monitor, you must still pay an installation and monthly fee.

Substance abuse class

You may need to take a substance abuse class as part of your punishment. Such classes may cost a few thousand dollars. If you qualify to take a state-certified driver intervention program, you could pay less.

Auto insurance

You likely already know you should expect high car insurance rates when your provider learns of your OUI. Your current company may drop you as a customer if they feel you represent a substantial risk. No matter if you remain with the same company or look elsewhere, expect high premiums. You could pay increased rates for several years.


When you lose your driving privileges, you may have little choice but to rely on public transportation and friends and family to get around. Busses, cabs, light rails and the like cost money. Relatives and friends who drive you around town may ask you for gas money.

Your OUI need not ruin your financial health. Knowing which costs to expect helps you formulate a strategy.