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What should you do if the police come knocking?

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2021 | Blog, Criminal Defense

It is crucial to understand your rights when dealing with law enforcement. Not only can this help you in the moment when dealing with police, but it can also help you in the long term if you end up having to go to court.

One of the first ways you can protect yourself is by understanding what to do if the police encroach on your space first.

When can police enter?

Flex Your Rights discusses what to do if police knock on your door. You have several options, and the most important thing to note is that they cannot come in outside of three circumstances. First, they can enter in the event of a crucial emergency, such as a hostage situation. Two, they can enter if they have a search warrant. Three, they can enter if you invite them in.

Police may attempt to use different tactics to enter your home with your permission if they do not have a search warrant. One common tactic involves framing their entry as part of a routine check on the neighborhood. But once they are inside your home, they can look around, and this could create great legal trouble for you in the future.

Tactics for a safe meeting

Instead, you can choose to meet them outside by exiting your home through another door. You can also open your door and speak with the chain lock still in place if you have one. You can even simply refuse to answer the door and not indicate that you are home. They will have to leave eventually.

If you have a run-in with law enforcement that leaves you feeling concerned, consider contacting legal help. This way, you will have support if they try to contact you again.