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Statistics on drug-related offenses in Massachusetts during 2020

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2021 | Drug Charges, Drug Charges

If you are facing drug charges, you need to understand the many ways in which these allegations could disrupt your life. For example, you could lose your job, lose friends and face financial penalties or time behind bars. You should also know that you are not alone and that many other people find themselves in this position.

In fact, statistics shed light on the number of people taken into custody for drug-related offenses in Massachusetts.

The number of drug arrests in 2020

According to the Massachusetts State Police, law enforcement arrested more than 5,100 people for drug-related offenses over the course of 2020. Moreover, this does not include those taken into custody on charges not involving drugs. Furthermore, this represents a 17% decrease in comparison to the number of people apprehended for drug crimes during 2019.

Reviewing other data on drug arrests

In 2020, adults accounted for 98% of those taken into custody for drug offenses. Officials arrested more men than women and drug possession was the most common offense, followed by distribution and buying or receiving unlawful substances. Most drug-related cases involved narcotics such as heroin, opium and cocaine, followed by other drugs, marijuana and hashish.

If you have uncertainty about how to handle a drug-related case, make sure you pore over all of your options and look for unique details that could influence the court’s decision. The way you approach your case could affect the outcome and have a significant impact on your future, whether you pursue work in a certain field or find yourself in a contentious battle over child custody.