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Should you worry about a failed sobriety test?

On Behalf of | May 18, 2021 | Drunk Driving

An officer has many tools they can use to determine whether or not a driver has hit the road while under the influence. If one suspects you of doing this, you will likely face the standardized field sobriety test before anything else.

But what is this test? How does it work? And what do the results mean for you?

The impact of officer bias

VeryWell Mind takes a look into field sobriety tests. This is a category of tests that split into two groups: standardized and non-standardized. You will likely run into the former, as this category came into existence in an attempt to limit officer bias impacting test results.

However, bias still impacts and influences the result of these tests regardless of which type of test they use. Courts know this as well. Because of this, they do not put much weight in field sobriety test results alone. In most cases, they accept it as supporting evidence at best.

Testing after field sobriety tests

Officers may thus use a failed field sobriety test as a reason to request further and more accurate testing. This can include breath and blood analysis tests, both of which are significantly more invasive. They may also use a failed test result as proof that they had reasonable cause to arrest you.

In short, failing a field sobriety test does not mean you will automatically suffer from a conviction. However, it is still something officers can use against you when trying to convict you of a DUI related crime. Thus, you want to have the backing and aid of legal help when going through the trial.