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Improve your job marketability after a theft charge

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2021 | Theft & Property Crimes

Theft charges in Massachusetts may impact the way people view you. Maintaining a professional reputation is no different and if employers see your record, they may refrain from hiring you.

Improving your marketability and credibility can give you the highest chance at securing employment even with a theft charge on your record.

Diversify your skillset

You may already possess some of the skills required for the jobs you wish to apply for. However, developing more skills certainly cannot hurt your situation. When interviewers see that you have a diverse set of skills that can alleviate some of their needs, your chances of getting the job may improve.

Even during a jail sentence, you can participate in educational courses to improve skills including time management, organization and leadership. Courses addressing topics such as professionalism and interviewing skills can elevate your knowledge so you can capitalize on the opportunities that come your way when you start looking for a job.

Prioritize your integrity

Despite your prior actions, you have the chance to show that you are an honest, reliable and trustworthy candidate. According to Sufili, the best thing you can do is to address your situation with honesty and dignity.

Highlight how your situation has helped you to grow. Relate how your experiences contributed to the development of your skills and then come full circle to explain how those same skills can make a difference in the workplace. Approach interviews with professionalism, enthusiasm and confidence. You have the chance to create a likeable first impression that counteracts any criminal record you may have.