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How do you discuss your DUI during a job search?

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2021 | Drunk Driving

You know you have a lot to offer Massachusetts employers, but you worry your recent DUI may take you out of the running of an ideal position. How do you preserve your chances for employment with a criminal record?

Chron breaks down suggestions for handling job interviews as someone with a drunk driving charge. Learn how to handle the matter with grace and dignity.

Know when to break the news

You do not have to mention your DUI as an add-on for your application or cover letter. Instead, wait until you have a second interview or job offer before breaking the news. That way, you have the chance to show your professional qualifications, skills and accomplishments.

Check your criminal background

Before applying for a job opening, run a background check on yourself. You want to see what hiring managers see when they run a background check, which may include someone else’s criminal charge or two DUI charges when you only have one if your record includes a clerical error. If you notice anything amiss, clear it up as quickly as possible before continuing your job search.

Show your willingness to change

Do not stop at sharing your drunk driving charge with recruiters. Instead, go one step further and share how the encounter with law enforcement changed you for the better. What steps do you take to make sure you do not get behind the wheel intoxicated again? What positive life changes did the DUI inspire? Let companies know you want to turn a negative situation into a learning experience and catalyst for positive change.

Some employers hire applicants with minor criminal charges. Hopefully, you land a satisfying job.