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Anthony M. Salerno

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Penalties for DUI in Massachusetts

Motorists who face charges of driving under the influence in Massachusetts are subject to significant legal penalties. Before going to court, understanding the possible consequences can inform the person's next steps. These are the established DUI penalties for...

What is reasonable doubt?

You likely know that, if facing criminal charges, the judge and jury cannot convict you unless the prosecutor proves your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. But what does this term mean? explains that the prosecution’s evidence must establish not only...

What happens at your arraignment?

When charged with allegedly committing a crime in Massachusetts, your arraignment represents your first opportunity to go before a judge. explains that you can expect the following three things to occur at your arraignment: The judge or clerk will read the...

Are assault and battery different?

You may think that assault and battery are two words for the same crime. Such, however, is not the case. FindLaw explains that assault and battery are two different crimes, even though law enforcement officers may well cite you for both if both of them apply, which...

Should you take a plea deal?

Plea deals, also known as plea bargains, form an important part of the criminal justice system. If you find yourself facing criminal prosecution, the prosecutor may well offer you one through your attorney. But should you accept it? FindLaw explains that. at their...