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How much does a Massachusetts OUI raise your insurance rates?

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2020 | Drunk Driving

Massachusetts takes drinking and driving quite seriously, and if you receive a conviction for operating under the influence, it may cost you a substantial amount. In addition to court costs, attorney fees, towing and impound expenses, bail money and other costs relating to the offense, your car insurance premiums almost always rise after a conviction for operating under the influence. 

How much more money might you have to come up with to afford automotive insurance coverage with an OUI in your driving history? 

A sizable increase

If, before your OUI, you were a fairly typical Massachusetts driver, NerdWallet reports that you may have paid about $1,299 a year for car insurance if you opted for full coverage. Once you have that OUI conviction, though, this number rises to an average of $2,352. This amounts to an annual difference of $1,053. 

A lengthy increase

How long might you have to pay an average of $1,053 more for car insurance after an OUI? In Massachusetts, an OUI conviction remains on your driving record for 10 years. So, you should plan on having to pay the heightened premium throughout that span. Once you add up the $1,053 annual increase over a 10-year period, your offense may cost you $10,530 in insurance-related expenses alone. 

Once you hit that 10-year mark, you have the option of requesting to have your OUI removed from your driving history. At this point, your insurance premiums should return to a far more manageable level, provided you do not receive any more OUI convictions within that 10-year period.