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Can a first-time DUI affect your college career?

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2020 | Drunk Driving

Massachusetts college students like you have a long road of discovery ahead of you. You have plenty of doors open and a lot of room to explore your potential paths and options.

Unfortunately, getting a DUI can close a lot of those doors to you. You may think that you will be safer because you have no history of DUI convictions before, but you would be wrong about that.

Why one DUI can impact you

The College Investor makes their stance clear: they think a DUI in college can ruin your college life. Even a first-time DUI conviction has the potential to ruin your college trajectory. This is because a college board does not regularly look at how many DUI convictions you have had in the past. They simply look at the fact that you have one at all and make judgments from there.

How your finances and career may suffer

The same goes for potential fields of employment you may look into. For example, many positions in fields involving childcare do not allow for applicants with a history of DUI. You have “a history” even if it is one conviction. The same goes for positions that require a commercial driver’s license, which you cannot get if you have a DUI on record.

As for your attendance in college, even that can suffer. It is rare for colleges to kick out a student over a DUI conviction. However, they may revoke any financial support they gave. They may also bar you from housing on-campus, forcing you to pay full prices for off-campus housing. Together, this can make attending college too expensive, forcing you to withdraw.