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Property crime in Worcester

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2020 | Theft & Property Crimes

When assessing the safety of an area, people always look at the rates of violent crimes and property crimes. While these two areas do not cover every crime, they do offer good insight into the overall stability of an area. 

According to the FBI, Worcester had a population of 184,595 in 2016 with overall property crimes totaling 5,358. Burglary was at 1,366 cases, and theft at 3,473 cases. There were 519 cases of motor vehicle theft. There must be a comparison with other larger cities in the state to get a good idea of just how this city stacks up. 


Comparing Worcester to Boston shows a huge difference in population. Boston’s population as of 2016 was 673,880. The total property crimes were 14,489 with theft cases at 1,837. The number of motor vehicle theft cases was 11,429. 


Springfield is the third-largest city, just behind Worcester with a population in 2016 of 154,102. This is more comparable to Worcester since the cities are more similar in size. The numbers, therefore, make sense. Property crimes total was 5,073. Burglary was at 1,486 with theft at 3,000. Motor vehicle thefts numbered 587. 

An overview 

Looking at all three cities, it seems that property crimes in the largest cities in the state are comparable when considering population. Worcester is no worse off than Boston or Springfield when it comes to any of the property crime categories. According to U.S. News and World Report, the whole state is not doing badly when it comes to property crimes as the organization rated Massachusetts in the top ten safest states in the country. That was largely due to the very low property crime rate when comparing the state to others.