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Authorities arrest teens following standoff in Waltham

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2020 | Criminal Defense

One of the more important elements of adolescence is understanding that there are consequences to every action (and learning to live with them). At the same, most people in Worcester understand that a teen’s lack of life experience may make them more prone to engage in potentially dangerous actions. 

If and when those actions qualify as criminal activity,  it may not be realistic to expect that authorities mete out no punitive action in response. However, the hope may be that those determining such consequences take into account the lack of maturity on the part of the alleged perpetrator. 

Teen fugitives engage in standoff 

In some cases, that lack of maturity may be on full display in the form of a potentially rash action. That certainly may be what explains the initial conduct of a 15-year-old caught up in a standoff with police in Waltham. The teen and his companion fled to a nearby house after a law enforcement officer familiar with the two from outstanding warrants against them spotted them. A SWAT team has ultimately called in to deal with the situation given the charges facing the two. Specifically, the teen’s older companion (and 18-year-old) had warrants pending from his supposed involvement in multiple violent crimes in various jurisdictions. After threatening officials with a knife, he surrendered without incident. 

Recognizing a good decision 

The 15-year-old, on the other hand, decided to surrender himself to authorities much earlier (possibly understanding the gravity of the situation). Some might say such a decision demonstrates sound judgment as well as potential indicator of one’s willingness to comply with the law. Showing such judgment may also imply how (given the proper authoritative interventions) a teen could learn from a predicament and avoid future incidents. An experienced attorney may be a valuable resource in securing such assistance.