What would you do if someone broke into your home? Would you do anything you can to protect your family? Most people would take whatever steps necessary. However, this can create a sticky legal situation. It is important that you know the state’s stance on your right to defend your home, especially when it comes to using deadly force. Knowing the law can help you to not only protect your home but also protect yourself from legal charges. 

According to the General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the law allows you to defend yourself, your family and your home from someone who enters it in an unlawful manner. How you may do that depends on the situation. You can use deadly force if you feel the person was going to cause you injury or try to kill you. 

One note that you should understand is a castle doctrine is not the same as a stand your ground law. They apply to different situations. A castle doctrine applies only in your home hence the name. It is a play on your home being your castle or the place where you should feel completely safe. Thus, the castle doctrine gives you the legal right to defend your home. 

The castle doctrine in the state also says that you can use any reasonable means by which to defend yourself. This includes using a firearm. Furthermore, you do not have to try to get away from the intruder before using deadly force. If you feel a threat, then you can react immediately to defend yourself.