Domestic violence cases are especially difficult to work through for multiple reasons. For starters, these cases often involve allegations of verbal or emotional abuse, so there is no evidence and it is one person’s word against another’s. Moreover, a harsh stigma surrounds these cases and those facing allegations often struggle to prove their innocence because they are already looked down upon before heading to court. There are a lot of reasons why people falsely accuse others of domestic violence, whether they aim to win a custody dispute or simply get revenge. 

First of all, it is important to understand that the significance of these charges varies from one case to another. Some domestic violence cases are treated as misdemeanors, while others are considered felonies. Even though some people in this position shy away from the costs associated with hiring an experienced legal professional, this is a crucial step in fighting domestic violence allegations that are not true (especially when the long-term financial implications are taken into consideration). Not to mention, the value in protecting one’s reputation is vital, especially for those who are in the middle of custody issues. 

It is imperative to handle these charges properly since much is at stake. In many cases, it is very difficult to prove innocence and these cases require an especially cautious approach. Not only is one’s reputation on the line, but significant financial penalties, unfavorable custody outcomes and even time behind bars are a reality for many people in this position. Spend some time on our website to learn more about options that are available for people falsely accused of domestic violence.