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Anthony M. Salerno

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Penalties for Massachusetts DUI

Massachusetts motorists who receive a conviction for driving under the influence are subject to significant legal penalties. A law enforcement officer can make a DUI arrest if you have a measured blood alcohol content above 0.08%. Drivers younger than 21 can receive a...

What is constructive possession?

Constructive possession comes up in drug and firearms cases regularly. If you are in a car, a house or an apartment when it gets stopped or raided by the police and they find drugs or guns; you may get arrested and charged with possession. The idea is that everyone in...

Can a DUI be dismissed?

Driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol is a serious offense. However, there are ways to avoid facing any fines, jail time, community service, etc. Getting your case dismissed before a trial is one way.  Many drivers charged with a DUI try to get their...

How to challenge drug charges in court

According to research, the police arrest several people with drug charges every year. The good news is that not all of them get convicted with drug charges. While every case is different, there are still high chances of an offender walking free after successfully...

Is telephone harassment a crime?

Everybody knows how annoying it is to receive phone calls from telemarketers or auto dialers. Receiving phone calls from anyone who you do not want to talk to is frustrating especially when they keep calling. Things escalate when the unwanted caller is harassing you....