After an arrest for a DUI in Worcester, you will get booked and jailed. The law requires that you remain locked up until you either sober up or you are picked up by a person who pays your bail. Most people assume that it is a get out of jail card, even when it is not.

Surveys by the CDC have shown that only 26% of all the people arrested each year for DUI pay bail. It is because most people get released on your recognizance. It means that when one goes to court, the judge may wave bail payment on the condition that you appear in court when needed.

However, you get the ROR if it is your first offense, and there were no injuries or collisions. You will also need to prove you have a steady job, have ties to the community, some of your family members live nearby, and your BAC was close to 0.08%.

Another, often ignored, factor that determines whether you pay or do not pay bail is the location of the arrest. When arrested in the rural areas of Worcester, you are likely to pay the bail, unlike when you get arrested in the more urban areas. Depending on the anti-drunk driving climate of the city, it may not be effortless to convince a judge to let you off on a ROR.

Not only do people find it beneficial to have information on the location and the strictness of the court system on DUI in the area, but this alternative also saves you money and any negative publicity from calling family and friends to bail you out.