Spooky season is the favorite time of year for many in Massachusetts. It is a time to dress up and invoke the power of make-believe. While the holiday is geared mostly toward children, adults love it too. Unfortunately, there is one thing about Halloween that many property owners hate.

According to MarketWatch, Halloween brings out the vandals, leading to the highest number of claims each year. This includes not just for homes but also cars. Subsequently, the first of November is a busy day for insurance companies. Broken windows, slashed tires, ruined lawns, awful pranks and other acts of random mayhem are most likely to occur on Halloween.

These acts do not amount to tiny bills either. For instance, the 2015 article estimated that the average Halloween auto claim is 9% higher than other days of the year at around $1,660. Note that even with insurance, property owners may need to pay a deductible before the insurance covers the rest of the cost. Making use of security systems and alarms may help. This is also a good time to clear out the garage and park cars indoors for the night.

When it comes to vandalism specifically targeting homes, CNBC estimated in 2018 that home insurance claims are 17% higher for Halloween. Common acts of violence include kicking down mailboxes, kicking in doors and throwing rocks through windows. Home insurance deductibles are commonly as high as $1,000, so the out-of-pocket expense is no small bill.

Outside of vandalism, children may also become hurt while visiting a person’s home for trick or treating. Homeowners should ensure they have liability coverage just in case someone becomes injured. Clearing the yard of potential hazards is a wise move.