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October 2019 Archives

Community service burdens poor defendants

Massachusetts readers might be interested to learn that court-ordered community service harms low-income defendants of color, according to a new study. The study, which is entitled "Work, Pay, or Go to Jail: Court-Ordered Community Service in Los Angeles," was published by the UCLA Labor Center and School of Law on Oct. 16.

What to do during a DUI stop

Every day we’re faced with decisions. Some of these decisions involve weighing right versus wrong when determining which choice is correct. The same is true for when law enforcement suspects you of drunk driving.

Property owners file more insurance claims for Halloween

Spooky season is the favorite time of year for many in Massachusetts. It is a time to dress up and invoke the power of make-believe. While the holiday is geared mostly toward children, adults love it too. Unfortunately, there is one thing about Halloween that many property owners hate.

Is sharing prescription drugs illegal?

If you are like many Massachusetts residents, you may have some leftover prescription pain relievers in your medicine cabinet from a previous injury or illness. When a friend gets an injury, you may decide to share your leftover medication to help manage the pain. Even though it may seem that you are simply helping out until your friend gets a prescription from his or her doctor, the consequences for such an action may be severe. Even if you do not ask for payment, giving drugs to someone without a prescription for them may count as distributing a controlled substance.

What are the steps to reinstate your driver's license?

There are several ways you may lose your Massachusetts driver's license, including getting a conviction for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Once your suspension has expired, there are a few tasks you may need to complete in order to reinstate your license. The specifics of your case may determine the exact requirements you need to meet to get your license back.

Advocate groups pushing for ignition interlocks with first OUI

You can face stiff penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol in Massachusetts. Even if it is your first conviction for operating under the influence (OUI), the court can charge you heavy fines and even take away your license for a year. But in Massachusetts, the court cannot require you to install an ignition interlock for your first OUI offense.

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