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Underage DUIs can hurt your wallet

Most teenagers in Massachusetts do not have their own car insurance. Instead, they get the lowest possible rates from bundling with their parents. In these instances, mom and dad are usually the ones who pay the bill as well. Because of this, when teenagers get DUIs, it is parents who first get stuck with the higher payments, but it may continue to affect that person’s ability to get car insurance for years to come.

According to Forbes, teenagers today are more aware of the dangers of drunk driving. Unfortunately, this does not always translate into safe behavior. Teenagers often feel pressured to experiment with alcohol and then may drive home to meet curfew. Sometimes the risk of driving drunk, in their minds, is less than the risk of telling their parents they were out drinking.

In fact, one in ten teens who say they would never get behind the wheel if they were drunk also say they occasionally do drive after having one drink. Many teens believe that as long as they can make it to the car without falling down, they are capable of driving home safely.

According to Business Insider, when adults get charged with a DUI, they can expect an extra $813 or so on their premium every year. A teenager’s car insurance may shoot up by $2,398 per year or more. These spiked rates generally remain in effect for three to five years before they begin to decline. In most states, teens can also expect to lose their driving privileges for up to six months — not to mention the new rules parents may put in place.

Many adults may think teenagers should not be drinking anyway. However, the reality is that many of them are. Because of this, adults must take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of not just their children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, but also the many people they may endanger on the roads by driving drunk.

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