Whether the owners of the mobile phones are the perpetrators or the victims, smart phones are becoming more and more involved in crimes at alarming rates. Theft by fraud is one of the main ways smart phones become involved in criminal activities in Massachusetts. Forbes estimates that 65% of fraudulent transactions in America now take place via cell phones. Phishing is one of the main threats affecting mobile phone users at this time.

Virtual assistants may also put consumers at risk. As more people trust Google Home and Alexa with their payment details, that data now becomes accessible online to the person with the skills to find it. After all, not all home networks are properly encrypted to keep intruders out, and company-wide data breeches seem to happen all the time.

In fact, CNBC reported that stolen credit card information can now be found on YouTube of all places. People are actually buying stolen information online the way they would order a new camera or custom-make their pizza order. Naturally, this put Google in hot water over whether or not they would step up to combat the issue. Allegations say Google actually benefited from ad revenue as companies’ advertisements showed up alongside these videos.

Needless to say, the IRS and other government agencies are now becoming more and more involved to stop theft by fraud. For the youngsters and adults who engage in this activity, it may seem like an easy way to make money. However, if caught, the consequences of participating in fraudulent activities may follow them for a lifetime.