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Worcester man faces cocaine trafficking charges and more

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2019 | Drug Charges

As so many legal problems do, a Worcester man’s recent arrest began with a traffic stop. He was driving his car east on the Massachusetts Turnpike when he was pulled over in Framingham. Law enforcement officials said the officer searched the man’s vehicle and found 112 grams of cocaine in the driver-side door.

Later that day, police searched his Worcester home and found 1.5 kilos of cocaine that had been packaged for sale. He now faces drug trafficking charges, in addition to other pending charges, officials said.

According to a news source, authorities indicate the man will face additional charges related to two 9mm handguns found in his home (they said one of the weapons was stolen), as well as seized ammunition, digital scales and what was described as a cutting agent for the cocaine.

Those accused of trafficking cocaine in Massachusetts are typically charged with a Class B felony that can mean harsh sentences if convicted. For those accused of being in possession for distribution of between 18 grams and 27 grams, a conviction can mean a minimum mandatory sentence of two years, with a maximum of 15 years in a state prison.

Possession for distribution of between 36 to 99 grams can mean a mandatory minimum of 42 months up to a maximum of 20 years behind bars.

The upward trend continues: 100 to 199 grams can mean a sentence range of between eight years to 20.

The case of the Worcester man appears to fall into the final category: 200 grams or more. (He is accused of possessing 1,500 grams of cocaine for sale. The mandatory minimum in this category is 12 years, with a maximum of 20.

Those facing these kinds of serious allegations should decline to speak to investigators or prosecutors until they have spoken with a Worcester attorney experienced in drug trafficking defense.