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What can speeding accusations lead to in Massachusetts?

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2018 | Criminal Defense

Motorists can be exposed to a range of consequences when they are accused of speeding here in Massachusetts.

For one, speeding tickets trigger various financial ramifications. First off, there are the monetary penalties. The standard penalty for a speeding ticket in the state is $105 in fines and surcharges. However, certain things can lead to a person facing a larger penalty.

One is if he or she is accused of driving over 10 mph above the limit. For a speeding ticket involving such allegations, an extra $10 is added to the fine for every mile above 10 mph a person is accused of driving over the limit.

Another is if he or she is accused of speeding in a posted road construction zone. Speeding fines double in such zones.

Along with such penalties, speeding tickets can hit a person’s pocketbook in additional ways, such as exposing him or her to increased insurance premiums.

In certain circumstances, being accused of speeding could also put a person at risk of losing his or her license for a time. Under state law, being found guilty of three speeding violations over a 12-month period triggers a license suspension. The length of this suspension is 30 days. Getting one’s license back in force after such a suspension exposes a person to additional costs, as there is a $100 reinstatement fee.

In certain instances, allegations of speeding could lead to more than a speeding ticket. In some situations, such accusations could result in a person facing criminal charges of reckless driving, which can open the door to particularly severe consequences.

So, how severe of potential consequences a person could face in connection to speeding allegations depends on the circumstances. Speaking to a skilled traffic violation defense lawyer can help a person accused of speeding get an accurate picture of what he or she is facing and his or her options for response.