A man from out of state was recently accused of committing a drug-related crime in Massachusetts. Specifically, he is accused of engaging in drug trafficking. His arrest for trafficking cocaine and heroin occurred on a Wednesday following a traffic stop.

According to authorities, a 29-year-old man was driving his car and suddenly blew through a stop sign. Police who were assigned to a gang unit reportedly witnessed the event and thus stopped the man. When police confronted him, they allegedly found more than 20 grams of cocaine as well as 80-plus grams of heroin.

Authorities said they also found more than $1,500 in cash during the traffic stop. The man was then taken into custody, with a $10,000 bail set for him. Along with facing class A and B heroin and cocaine trafficking charges, respectively, the man has also been charged with driving with a license that was suspended.

The man accused of drug trafficking has the right to proceed to trial to fight his charges vigorously. Alternatively, he can seek to negotiate a plea agreement with the prosecution. The benefit of a plea agreement is that it may lead to a lighter charge and therefore a lighter sentence than what a defendant may receive at trial if found guilty. Plea agreements may be a wise move in situations where the prosecution’s evidence appears to be strong. Whether an accused individual goes to trial or strikes a plea deal, an attorney in Massachusetts will push for the best outcome for the defendant considering the facts of his or her criminal case.