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False accusations of domestic abuse could leave you reeling

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2018 | Uncategorized

You may have found yourself in a relationship with someone that you thought you could spend the rest of your life with. However, after getting married, you found that the person you loved now seems completely different. You are not sure what triggered the change, but you now wonder how you could ever have fallen for your spouse.

As a result, you may have told your spouse how you did not feel that it was a good idea to continue the relationship. While you may have expected the next steps to involve filing for divorce, you may find yourself in a more serious situation when charges of domestic violence are suddenly brought against you.

False accusations

Unfortunately, some people will stoop so low as to file false accusations of domestic violence against a spouse out of spite. You may not have thought your spouse could have such a vile side, but you now see just how deceiving he or she can be. Even if you know the falsehood of the accusations, you must still go through the criminal proceedings to address the allegations leveled against you.

Types of domestic violence

You may even wonder how these accusations could seem credible since you never laid a malicious hand on your spouse. However, physical abuse is not the only type of domestic violence that could lead to serious charges. Other types of abuse include the following:

  • Financial abuse involves someone purposefully withholding money or other financial resources in order to keep the victim dependent.
  • Emotional abuse involves unnecessary and constant criticism, name-calling, controlling behaviors and other actions.
  • Technological abuse can also occur, which involves someone using texts, emails, social media or other outlets to bully, harass or belittle a partner. It can also include using GPS to track a partner’s whereabouts.
  • Spiritual abuse could also take place if a person refuses to let a partner practice his or her religious beliefs or if a person makes the partner give up activities that can bring a sense of self-worth.

It can be difficult to prove such abuses, but if a person fabricates evidence, you could end up facing serious criminal charges. Still, you may want to remember that you do not simply have to succumb to the lowly actions of your spouse filing false accusations against you. Creating a meaningful criminal defense could help you successfully reach the other side of this predicament.