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August 2018 Archives

False accusations of domestic abuse could leave you reeling

You may have found yourself in a relationship with someone that you thought you could spend the rest of your life with. However, after getting married, you found that the person you loved now seems completely different. You are not sure what triggered the change, but you now wonder how you could ever have fallen for your spouse.

Drug sniffing dogs outside an apartment is legal

Law enforcement officials got a tip in 2015 that a Minnesota man was dealing meth out of his apartment in the suburbs north of Minneapolis. The police brought a drug-sniffing dog to his front door. Without entering, the dog alerted police that there were drugs inside. The officers then got a warrant and arrested the occupant for possession of drugs and a weapon.

Legal advocates push for bail reform

There has been increased scrutiny on the court system's use of bail. American Barristers Association recently spoke out against the use of cash bail for people who cannot afford it, pointing out that 450,000 individuals currently sit in jail as they await trial, many because they can't afford bail.

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