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March 2018 Archives

Fentanyl: Understanding this dangerous opioid

The widespread opioid crisis has affected millions of people in the United States. It seem as if everyone has a friend, family member or coworker who has experienced opioid addiction. There is currently a nationwide effort to curb the abuse of opioids, but combating these dangerous drugs will be an uphill battle.

Debunking common myths about driving

Have you ever heard one of your friends tell you that texting and driving isn't that bad? Or that they can spot a cop before they get pulled over for speeding? How about people who say that they can argue their way out of any ticket? Or people who think that they are still good drivers when they are drunk?

Failing these tests can change your life

If you were to say that you sometimes drive home after having a beer or glass of wine with friends on a night out in Massachusetts, you definitely would not be the first person to admit such things. Driving after consuming minimal amounts of alcohol does not necessarily mean you are breaking the law. Of course, it's up to you and every other motorist to understand that alcohol affects every person's body differently and to make responsible choices regarding your own blood alcohol content and motor vehicle operation.

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