On May 2, a 58-year-old Massachusetts pastor was taken into custody after authorities found drugs, stolen property and cash during a search of his home and church. He reportedly ran a 12-step substance abuse program at his church.

Authorities obtained a search warrant for the man’s home, the Mission Church and Victoria’s Kitchen Food Trailer. The church and food trailer were located in the 200 block of Quincy Street in Dorchester. During a search of the three locations, the officers alleged that they recovered 34 grams of coke, 11 grams of fentanyl and a variety of prescription pills. The authorities also reportedly recovered property that had been reported as stolen and about $10,400 in cash.

The pastor was charged with drug trafficking and possession with intent to distribute drugs, among other offenses. He was arraigned the following day and his bail was set to $50,000. Additionally, he was required to stay in the state and wear a GPS monitor once he is released on bail. His next court date was scheduled to be June 1.

People who are convicted on drug trafficking charges could suffer serious legal consequences, such as incarceration, expensive fines and a period of probation once they are released from prison. However, they also face losing their employment and may be required to forfeit some of their assets. In some cases, a criminal law attorney may challenge the search warrant the authorities obtained on the basis that the search went beyond its scope. Counsel may also look for other technicalities in the case that could result in a dismissal of the charges.

Source: Metro, “Boston pastor charged with drug trafficking“, Kristin Toussaint, May 3, 2017