Massachusetts residents may know Adam Pally for his prominent roles in the hit television shows “Happy Endings” and “The Mindy Project”. The 35-year-old performer is currently starring in the time-traveling Fox comedy series “Making History”, but he started receiving some unwanted publicity after he was taken into custody by New York City police on March 28.

According to an NYPD representative, Pally has been charged with misdemeanor counts of marijuana and cocaine possession. Media reports indicate that the actor was handed a desk appearance ticket and released shortly after being processed. He is expected to appear in court in June to answer the charges. While Pally has remained active on social media, he has yet to address the incident directly on either Twitter or Facebook.

Officers say that they approached Pally on West 48th Street in Manhattan after observing him using an electronic cigarette to smoke marijuana. The recreational use of marijuana remains illegal in New York. Reports suggest that Pally was searched by officers shortly after being taken into custody, and the cocaine possession charge was added after a bag containing the substance was allegedly discovered during this search.

Even minor drug charges can ruin reputations and damage careers. Experienced criminal defense attorneys may argue vigorously on behalf of defendants who face severe consequences despite doing no real harm to others, and prosecutors may sometimes be receptive to these arguments. Most criminal matters are resolved by negotiated plea agreements, and defense attorneys seeking leniency for their clients could point out mitigating factors such as sincere remorse and prior good conduct during these discussions. Attorneys could also study police reports carefully to determine whether or not officers had the necessary probable cause to stop and search suspects.