Massachusetts music lovers may have heard that Chris Brown and Lil Wayne may be connected to a Miami music producer who was accused of selling drugs. The music producer, who was taken into custody in October 2016, was facing federal drug charges associated with drug trafficking.

Federal agents believed that the music producer, age 26, sold drugs in order to buy expensive and exotic vehicles, expensive clothing and high-end sneakers. Pictures of hese items, in addition to piles of cash, all ended up on the music producer’s Instagram. Agents reportedly found evidence in the form of text messages that were recovered from the man’s phone that insinuated that Brown had given him $15,000 for drugs,.

The music producer’s attorneys argued that the man did not sell drugs but used the expensive items as a way to showboat on his social media accounts. If it is determined that Brown did purchase drugs from the accused man, he could face felony drug charges.

People who are accused of drug trafficking could potentially face a lengthy jail sentence in addition to having to forfeit personal property. A criminal law attorney may challenge the charges especially if there is evidence that the authorities did not follow proper procedures when taking the defendant into custody. If evidence was seized without a warrant or probable cause, the attorney could argue that it should not be admissible in court. If others are involved in the case, the attorney might also argue that the drugs did not belong to the defendant.

Source: Digital Music News, “Chris Brown Faces Felony Drug Charges After $15,000 Wire Discovered”, Daniel Sanchez, April 7, 2017