Massachusetts readers may be interested in learning that former Howard Stern Show favorite Artie Lange has been arrested for cocaine and heroin possession, according to media reports. The bust took place at 14th Street and Shipyard Lane, Lange’s residence, in Hoboken, New Jersey, on March 12.

According to a spokesperson for the Hoboken Police Department, officers were called to Lange’s neighborhood because someone was trying to enter a vehicle parked inside a garage. Once there, officers allegedly observed substances that were suspected to be heroin and cocaine inside the vehicle. Later, Lange reportedly approached officers and verified that the vehicle was his. Officers searched Lange’s person and recovered several additional bags of suspected cocaine and heroin.

Lange has publicly struggled with drug addiction for several years. He took to Twitter after his arrest to tell fans he was a “flawed person,” but he hopes his “story ends” with him growing “old.”

Individuals arrested on drug charges in Massachusetts face serious consequences if they are convicted. Penalties for drug possession, trafficking and other offenses may include lengthy prison terms and steep fines. However, a defendant may be able to avoid conviction and protect his or her future by retaining a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. In some cases, an attorney could build a strong defense based on the circumstances of the case, which could lead to the charges being dismissed. For example, if police overstepped their authority during the search and seizure process, the case could get thrown out. In other situations, it may be better to for someone to negotiate for a plea bargain to reduce his or her penalties. If the defendant has a substance abuse problem, it may be possible for him or her to receive addiction treatment in lieu of jail time.

Source: Radar Online, “Drug Bust! Artie Lange Arrested For Heroin & Cocaine Possession,” Alexis Tereszcuk, March 17, 2017