According to reports, after law enforcement officials conducted a drug raid of a Worcester city antiques store on March 10, they detained four individuals on suspicion of possessing and distributing drugs. Police allege that the store was used as a place where drug deals were made.

Investigators claim that during their search of the antique store they found a variety of drugs, such as heroin, anti-anxiety medications, synthetic painkillers, drugs for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy and medications used to fight opium addiction. Just prior to the store raid, officers assert that they found prescription drugs, heroin and crack cocaine in a vehicle that was leaving the antique store. The four men were taken into police custody on drug-related charges that include drug possession with intent to distribute. The men were to have their hearing March 13.

People who are accused of drug crimes in Massachusetts, such as possession with intent to distribute face serious consequences if they are convicted. Besides lengthy prison sentences, probation and steep fines, a drug conviction can result in a criminal record that will negatively affect a person’s future.

However, people facing such charges might want to speak with a criminal defense attorney who could review the facts of the incident and build a strategy in an attempt to compel a judge to reduce the defendant’s charges or completely drop them. For instance, if police obtained evidence outside the scope of a search warrant, this could constitute a rights violation, resulting in the evidence being inadmissible and the case dismissed. The attorney could also negotiate a plea deal in an attempt to mitigate the punishment, such as replacing jail time with an enrollment in a drug rehabilitation program.

Source: U.S. News & World Report, “Police: Antiques Store Raid Results in Drugs, 4 Arrests”, Associated Press, March 13, 2017