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Does OUI mean an end to your college career?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2017 | Drunk Driving

Have you ever heard people answer, “partying” when asked what their major is in college? While you likely didn’t come all the way to Massachusetts to hit the night clubs for four years, there might be a little truth to the statement in that many college students like yourself enjoy kicking back and relaxing with their schoolmates. Unfortunately, sometimes this leads to a little too much kicking back or, more specifically, tossing back alcohol, which can open up several different cans of trouble.

One of the biggest problems associated with college drinking is college drinking and driving. Of course, the easiest way to prevent such issues is to avoid alcohol when you plan on getting behind the wheel. Otherwise, you might be at risk for getting off track regarding your college goals, especially if you wind up in an accident or get arrested.

Chain of consequences

If police pull you over and they think you’re intoxicated, you could be charged with OUI on the spot. They would need to have probable cause to pull you over in the first place and evidence to suspect you were driving under the influence. If you are facing charges for a drunk driving crime, the following repercussions may occur:

  • Notice to administrators: Police officers typically send word to school officials after an enrolled student’s arrest or OUI charge.
  • Miss classes: Nothing can throw off your class schedule like a string of court appearances. It could be even worse in the long run if you don’t show up for a scheduled hearing. Either way, it’s likely going to be an inconvenience. It can be challenging trying to make up for lost time in class.
  • Loss of scholarship: Many scholarship programs are honors-based and being OUI charges might cause you to have to forfeit your award.
  • Possible suspension or expulsion: Your days of enrollment could well be in jeopardy if you face suspension or permanent expulsion due to your circumstances.

None of the things listed above are set in stone. In fact, one or more might never occur at all. This is not to say facing charges for OUI while in college is a walk in the park. There will likely be many challenges as you seek to mitigate your circumstances and get life back on track at school. Is it possible? Yes, definitely. In the past, others who have faced such circumstances have achieved favorable results by seeking guidance from an experienced criminal defense attorney.