According to officers with the Massachusetts State Police, a traffic stop in Bernardston resulted in the seizure of 1,000 bags of heroin inside of a pickup truck. The incident reportedly happened on Dec. 23 at 2:45 a.m. Three people inside of the truck were taken into custody.

Law enforcement officials reported that a 23-year-old Vermont man was pulled over by police on Route 10. Officers reportedly decided to investigate the individuals inside of the truck further and allegedly found the heroin as well as around 60 grams of cocaine. In addition to the 23-year-old man, a 29-year-old Vermont woman and a 24-year-old Connecticut man were also taken into custody.

All three are facing drug charges. The 23-year-old driver is also facing charges of failing to stay within a marked lane and speeding. It is unclear what prompted officers to search the vehicle or where the drugs were allegedly discovered. Sources do not indicate whether the three remain in custody or if they have been released on bond.

Drug trafficking charges may lead to long prison sentences if the prosecutor can obtain a conviction. People who are in this situation might want to get help from an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as they can. In this case, an attorney might review the search of the vehicle in order to determine if it was conducted properly. Searches of vehicles normally must be done with warrants or consent. Officers may also search vehicles if the search is related to the reason for the stop. If there was no warrant or consent, the lawyer may challenge the search and seek suppression of the evidence against the client. If successful, the charges could be dismissed.

Source: 22 News, “1,000 bags of heroin found inside pickup truck; 3 arrested,” Anthony Fay, Dec. 23, 2016.