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Popularity of Internet makes life harder following arrest

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2016 | Criminal Defense

No one wants to be arrested, charged with a crime, and certainly not convicted of a crime. At first thought, one might worry that getting involved in the criminal justice system looks like them sitting in a small and dirty jail cell. They might think of the freedom they would miss, the orders they’d have to follow, and maybe what their family and friends would think. 

A study into the impact criminal records have on finding employment adds another anxiety into that mix. Researchers warn that it may be harder than ever before for those who have been involved with the criminal justice system to secure a life for which they’d always hoped.

Securing and holding onto employment is a primary goal — and need — for almost any grown man and woman. Most whom have been through any sort of job interview process likely know that criminal background checks are status quo during the process. That job search norm seriously impacts people’s access to work opportunities and more, even if they were merely arrested and not even convicted of a criminal offense.

While facing a hurdle while seeking employment isn’t entirely a new thing for those who have been charged with a crime, or even arrested, there is a difference today than there was in past decades.

The Internet is so widely used, and there is such easy access to criminal records and related documents out there. The government makes much of the information available to the public. Employers and other people such as landlords can find or even pay for thorough information on specific subjects. 

If there is a candidate with a totally clean record in line for the same job or apartment as someone who has just a minor arrest on his or her record, it is within a party’s rights to choose the person with a supposed cleaner past.

This reality is evidence of how important experienced criminal defense support is for you if you are arrested for suspicion of committing a crime in Massachusetts. If an arrest is considered a stain on one’s record, a criminal conviction is much worse. Seek help right away to protect you from not just a conviction but the stigma of an arrest overall.