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Know the possible criminal defense strategies for your case

Every criminal charge that is placed against a person has specific elements that must be considered. Because the criminal justice system is based on the premise of the prosecution having to prove "beyond a reasonable doubt" that the defendant committed the crime, a defense strategy is usually based on trying to introduce doubt about the defendant's guilt. We can help you to evaluate the elements of your case to help you determine what criminal defense strategies might be appropriate.

One thing that we must do when we work on your case is to determine how you are going to plead and what type of defense strategy you will use. You can plead not guilty, guilty or no contest. Learning about how each option will affect your case might help you to decide how to plead. We need to evaluate the options quickly since you will have to enter your plea early in your case.

From there, we have to determine the type of defense you will present. The options include innocent, guilty or guilty with an explanation. Each one has a slightly different angle that can have a big impact on how your defense is presented.

When we work on your defense, it is crucial that is based on the truth. We can determine the best way to tell the truth so that we can evoke sympathy from the jury, as well as introducing at least slivers of doubt when possible. There are several different ways to get the truth out, but some aren't necessarily going to be appropriate for a criminal defense.

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