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Know the possible criminal defense strategies for your case

Every criminal charge that is placed against a person has specific elements that must be considered. Because the criminal justice system is based on the premise of the prosecution having to prove "beyond a reasonable doubt" that the defendant committed the crime, a defense strategy is usually based on trying to introduce doubt about the defendant's guilt. We can help you to evaluate the elements of your case to help you determine what criminal defense strategies might be appropriate.

Understanding 2 basic jury types

In criminal law cases, you might deal with two very different juries: the grand jury and the trial jury. While both of these juries are comprised of individuals selected from throughout the area -- a jury of your peers -- they have very different duties within the criminal court.

Drug convictions carry harsh penalties in Massachusetts

Massachusetts has very strict laws regarding drugs like heroin, crack and cocaine. Defendants who find themselves facing the court system for these types of charges often opt to fight against the charges in an effort to minimize the penalties that they will face. Finding out the possible penalties and options to keep those to a minimum are crucial if you are facing these charges.

MA court: Do you have a right to a lawyer before a breath test?

The highest court in Massachusetts will decide if a driver has a right to legal counsel before a breath test when pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving. The Supreme Judicial Court is scheduled to hear the case on Thursday, according to an article in Mass Live.

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