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What should I know about shoplifting in Massachusetts?

Going into a business and taking merchandise without paying for it is considered shoplifting; however, that isn't the only action that might lead to a shoplifting charge. You can also be charged with shoplifting if you change the price of an item, which could be possible if you move a price sticker from one item to another. Taking a shopping cart from a store is another form of shoplifting. Massachusetts law has set specific laws regarding shoplifting.

Can you refuse a breathalyzer test?

Like many states throughout the country, Massachusetts has strict laws that govern how alleged drunk drivers are charged. Questions still remain about an individual's rights after being pulled over or arrested on suspicion of DUI/DWI/OUI, such as "do I have to take the breath test?" It is within your rights to refuse a breathalyzer or any other field sobriety tests. However, it is important to know that there are consequences for refusing.

Report provides insight into state's high recidivism rates

Individuals who are convicted of criminal charges in Massachusetts appear to be more likely to later be arrested and convicted of additional criminal charges. This fact is evident in a report that was recently released by the Council of State Governments which details the results of a study that examined several aspects of Massachusetts' criminal justice system.

Will police officers soon be allowed to plug into our cellphones?

While today's motor vehicles are safer than ever, unfortunately today's drivers are also more distracted than ever. The proliferation of mobile technologies like smartphones and personal tablets have made it easier and more tempting than ever for drivers to text, check email or surf the web while driving.

Massachusetts among states taking steps to reduce prison population

The overcrowding of U.S. prisons has been a long-standing and well-documented problem. The financial costs associated with incarceration are significant and, according to the U.S. government, during 2014, the average cost of incarceration per inmate was $30,619.85. In addition to the significant financial costs, incarceration also takes an enormous personal toll on the individuals and families who are affected.

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