The Massachusetts State Legislature is currently considering a major change to the Drunk Driving Laws. Under the proposal, first offenders would not lose their licenses but rather would be required to install a breath test device that they would have to blow into before their car could start. The cost would be approximately $2500 per year plus installation. A device would be required in any car you drive. Additionally, the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) is recommending lowering the breath score from a .08 to .05. The .05 would be 3 drinks for a 165 lbs male. Now more than ever it is important to know your rights and how to protect yourself in a drinking/driving situation. Visit our website ( for our free apps: “The Worcester BAC App” which allows you to see your projected blood alcohol level, and our virtual business card with instructions on how to protect your rights during a roadside stop. Knowing what to do ahead of time may well be the difference between guilty and not guilty.