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If you get a DUI, how much will it cost you?

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2016 | Drunk Driving

It goes without saying that when someone is charged with a drunk driving offense, their life changes. The serious legal punishment that comes with a DUI charge dramatically affects how that person lives and how they can function in society. But the personal and legal consequences of a DUI aren’t the only punishing elements associated with the charge. The financial penalties are often just as punitive.

Consider this: when you are charged with a DUI, there are a bevy of costs inherent to the charge. 

Your car will be towed and impounded, so you have to pay the fees associated with those actions. You will need to pay bail and go to court, which costs money. If you go to jail, that can financially cost you in numerous ways (loss of earnings, fines, etc.) and it can impact your future earnings. Any other punishments handed down by the court will likely come at a cost — ignition interlock and alcohol therapy/counseling are paid by the accused.

Even outside of the legal elements, the DUI will cost you. Your insurance premiums will go way up. You will have to find alternate forms of transportation during the time you are unable to drive. You will need to reinstate your license, which has fees and costs attach to it.

The point is that the penalties of a DUI aren’t confined to jail time and legal fees. There are so many facets to a DUI that punishes the accused — both personal and financially — that it is imperative that the accused consult with an attorney early in the process so that they can mount the best possible defense.

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