In recent years, Massachusetts has been dealing with a heroin problem that many consider to be epidemic in proportion. The state has become a destination for drug traffickers from Mexico and South America and every year thousands of Massachusetts residents are arrested on drug charges and hundreds die from drug overdoses.

For those who are in the grips of the highly-addictive and dangerous drug which, according to Narconon is commonly referred to by users as black tar, dragon, H, Brown Crystal and smack; prison or death are the two most-likely outcomes of heroin addiction. For an individual who is facing criminal drug charges related to possessing or selling heroin, there may be another alternative that affords one with the opportunity to get clean and live a happier and drug-free life.

Massachusetts General Laws chapter 111E, provides several individual statutes that relate to drug-dependent defendants. Under section 10 of chapter 111E, an individual who is arrested and charged with a drug-related crime has the opportunity to “request an examination to determine whether or not he is a drug dependent person.” If, through an evaluation, a court-appointed doctor or psychiatrist determines that a defendant is dependent on drugs, a stay of criminal proceedings is granted and a defendant “may request assignment to a drug treatment facility.”

Drug addiction is a very real and serious problem with which many individuals who are facing drug-related charges struggle. While help is available via the court system, often drug-dependent defendants are not ready to admit that they have a problem or quit using. For those individuals who are drug-dependent and who desperately want help to get clean, a criminal defense attorney who handles drug offenses can assist.

Source: The 189th General Court of The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, “Chapter 111E: Drug Rehabilitation; Section 10,” Dec. 7, 2015