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A unique defense results in DWI charges being dismissed

In previous blogs, we've discussed some of the possible ways that a defense attorney may fight drunk driving charges. For example, an attorney may question whether or not a police officer had probable cause to pull a defendant over in the first place. A criminal defense attorney may also raise doubts about the way in which field sobriety tests were conducted including the accuracy of the calibration of a Breathalyzer test.  

When can assault or assault and battery charges be filed?

Massachusetts residents who face assault or assault and battery charges often have many questions and concerns about what these charges actually mean as well as how to defend against them. For anyone who is facing these types of serious criminal charges, it's wise to consult with a defense attorney who can answer questions, provide advice and advocate on one's behalf.

Frequently asked questions about obtaining a hardship license

If your license has been suspended following an OUI/DUI arrest or legal proceeding related to an OUI charge, one of your first questions may be "how will I get to work?" Life doesn't stop when your license is suspended; you still have obligations like work, school or medical treatment that require you to be able to drive.

Help and options for drug-dependent defendants

In recent years, Massachusetts has been dealing with a heroin problem that many consider to be epidemic in proportion. The state has become a destination for drug traffickers from Mexico and South America and every year thousands of Massachusetts residents are arrested on drug charges and hundreds die from drug overdoses.

The many repercussions associated with sex crimes convictions

If convicted, individuals facing charges related to sex crimes are subject to some of the harshest of all penalties. In addition to serving time behind bars, upon being released from prison, individuals who are convicted of a crime that was sexual in nature are often forced to register with the state's sex offender registry and comply with related laws.

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