The relationships between family members, spouses, roommates and romantic partners can be complicated and, at times, become strained. In cases where disputes arise, there are times when things may get out of hand and become physical. Additionally, even in cases where there was no physical contact, one party may claim to feel threatened or intimidated by the other.

In some cases, a party involved in a dispute or relationship may choose to file a restraining order. When this occurs, the individual who is the subject of the restraining order must abide by the order’s terms or face penalties including arrest and possible criminal charges.

It goes without saying that the lives of individuals who are targeted in restraining orders are adversely impacted in numerous ways. In cases where a restraining order is filed by someone with whom an individual lives, he or she is forced to find an alternative temporary or permanent new home. Additionally, when a restraining order becomes a factor in a divorce or child custody case, an individual’s right to see and spend time with his or her children may be restricted or denied.

While an individual who is the subject of a restraining order may believe that the order is not warranted, it’s important to follow the order’s directives as violating the order may result in more restrictive terms or criminal charges. It’s also wise to contact a criminal defense attorney. Massachusetts residents in and around Worcester are advised to contact the law office of Anthony M. Salerno, P.C. and retain an attorney who can advocate on one’s behalf at any and all court hearings and work to obtain a removal of the restraining order or dismissal of any criminal charges that stem from violations of an order.