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November 2015 Archives

Driver’s license suspension following drug conviction can have significant repercussions

Individuals who are facing drug charges in Massachusetts often have many questions and concerns about their options and the penalties involved with a drug conviction. For many, a chief concern is not only the possibility of spending time behind bars, but also losing the ability to legally drive.

Want to drive after an OUI arrest? Proposed law would require an IID.

Massachusetts lawmakers recently held a hearing is which they discussed a proposed bill that will, if passed, drastically change the license penalties associated with OUI/DUI offenses.

Will theft charges in Massachusetts

Not all theft allegations lead to the same potential punishments. One thing that can play a role in what specific punishments a person accused of theft could face is what type of object they were accused of stealing. This is because there are certain types of objects that Massachusetts law has special theft laws for.

Restraining orders and how a criminal defense attorney can help

The relationships between family members, spouses, roommates and romantic partners can be complicated and, at times, become strained. In cases where disputes arise, there are times when things may get out of hand and become physical. Additionally, even in cases where there was no physical contact, one party may claim to feel threatened or intimidated by the other.

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