Was there any reaction to your new profile pic? What time will Aunt Milly be dropping off the cookies? Are there new videos of cute kittens to watch? When is the meet-up at that new restaurant on Worcester’s Shrewsbury Street? The questions people want answered by their Facebook feeds are endless. The social media website is an integral part of the lives of millions.

For one Massachusetts man, his immersion in Facebook might be too complete. The 38-year-old Orange man was recently asked to step out of his vehicle by a police officer who suspected him of driving drunk. Rather than complying, the man took time to scroll through his Facebook feed instead.

After exiting the car, police said, the man made threatening gestures towards the officer. He then resisted arrest and wound up with a scrape on his nose. The mark is visible in the man’s mugshot, posted on the Greenville Police Department Facebook page along with a police accounting of the incident.

A search of the man’s vehicle reportedly turned up a small bag containing cocaine, police stated. The suspect faces a possession of cocaine charge, along with an OUI and trespassing charge.

We don’t know any details of the incident beyond what is reported in a news article, but we do know that one of the jobs of a Worcester criminal defense attorney is to protect the rights of a suspect as he is processed in the criminal justice system and to ensure that no search and seizure rights were violated during the OUI/DUI arrest.