It may surprise you to learn that drunk driving is a criminal charge, meaning that you can face serious legal penalties for a conviction, including jail time. Most people are not familiar with the criminal justice system from the perspective of an accused criminal, so if you are charged with drunk driving, you may not fully understand your rights and what you can expect. This is especially true if it is your first time facing OUI offenses.

If you are being charged with a DUI, or an OUI as it is referred to in Massachusetts, you may think that the charges are not that serious. After all, it’s only your first time offense, so how bad could the legal penalties be? The truth is that the minimum fine for a first time OUI offense is $500, and it could be higher depending on the circumstances. You could also lose your driver’s license and even face jail time, so it is important to take the accusations seriously.

The good news for those who are accused of OUI is that there are many legal options that can be used to establish a defense against OUI charges. For example, if a police officer pulls you over without probable cause, or neglects to read your Miranda rights, the charges against you could be dropped.

There are many more legal defense options that you could take advantage of depending on the circumstances of your case. In order to learn more about these defense options and the risks of a first time OUI offense in Massachusetts, visit our website. We would be happy to discuss the circumstances of your case and help you build a legal defense to prevent a wrongful conviction.