Quite simply, there is no form of criminal punishment more serious than capital punishment, commonly referred to as the death penalty. In many states throughout the country, those who are convicted of particularly heinous crimes, such as capital homicide, may find themselves facing the death penalty in the form of lethal injection or the electric chair. However, the death penalty is an extremely controversial topic, and there are many different groups lobbying to eradicate it or support it.

Each state has the most control over whether or not it supports the death penalty, and you may be pleased to learn that Massachusetts does not allow the death penalty. Our state courts banned the practice back in the mid-1980s, and it has remained banned ever since. However, just because you do not have to fear the death penalty in Massachusetts does not mean that you should treat your criminal defense lightly.

Capital punishment may be the most severe type of punishment possible, but there are still many types of punishments that are extremely serious, including life in prison. Depending on your charges and the accusations you are facing, you could be facing life in prison or even decades in prison with thousands of dollars in fines. Obviously your best option is still to avoid a conviction or have your charges reduced if possible.

Perhaps the best way to put up a strong legal defense is to contact a criminal defense attorney and discuss your case with them. An attorney can help you analyze the case from a legal perspective, noticing things that you may have missed or taking advantages of legal precedents that you did not know of. Even if an acquittal is not possible, you can still have your charges reduced which could mean significantly less jail time and monetary fines.