Many people are aware that serious penalties come with a drunk driving conviction, which is why it is imperative that those accused of dui offenses take legal action in their defense as soon as possible. Even being accused of drunk driving can have an impact on your life and reputation, but a conviction will likely turn your life upside down. Each case is different, and it is impossible to tell exactly how any given case will play out, but a recent Massachusetts case shows how frightening a conviction can be.

It all started with an accident in which two cars collided after one vehicle crossed the center line. One victim was killed as a result of the accident, and the surviving driver pleaded guilty to the charges, which included driving under the influence. Despite negotiating a plea deal, the man was still issued serious legal penalties for the conviction.

In addition to surrendering his driver’s license indefinitely, the man was required to pay more than $7,000 in restitution to the victim’s family and to the Fire Department. He is also going to face between seven and 14 years in prison. Keep in mind that this was all after negotiating a plea deal and pleading guilty to the charges.

This case more than any should show how serious a drunk driving conviction can be, with legal penalties that can absolutely change your life completely. If you are facing drunk driving charges, legal defense is critical to safeguarding your livelihood, and you cannot take your defense too seriously. Working with an attorney can give you a better understanding of what to expect from a drunk driving case and help have the charges dropped or reduced to help you avoid the stiff legal penalties of a conviction.

Source: Union Leader, “Mass. Man sentenced 7 to 14 years for fatal DUI crash,” Meghan Pierce, June 24, 2015