Nearly every American citizen has heard of cocaine, and most people are familiar with the drug as a highly illegal and extremely dangerous substance. There are many reasons that the substance is dangerous, including its addictive properties and the effects it has on consumers, and because of this, law enforcement officials take possible cocaine incidents very seriously. This is perhaps more true in Massachusetts than in some other states, where cocaine is among the most heavily trafficked illegal drugs.

Of course, cocaine is illegal in every state, with possession alone being a felony in many, but if you are accused of possession of cocaine in Massachusetts, expect to be facing serious legal penalties and consequences in the event of a conviction. Even first offenses for any accusation are likely to cost you a great deal in fines and lead to jail time.

Simply being convicted of possession of cocaine will likely see you fined $1,000 and serving a year in jail. A cocaine trafficking conviction becomes even more severe depending on how many grams you were found to be in possession of, but even 14g could cost you three years and $2,500. Sale of cocaine will also cost you at least $1,000, and could potentially be two years of jail time.

This knowledge should give Massachusetts residents a better understanding of what to expect if they are accused of a cocaine related crime in our state. If you are facing drug charges of any kind, it is imperative that you take legal action in your defense. The legal penalties of a drug conviction are simply too serious to ignore, which is why it is highly recommended that individuals accused of drug crimes enlist the aid of an attorney. Legal counseling can help you prove your innocence, have charges reduced or even dropped.